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September is Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Awareness Month. To help raise awareness on this important topic and address myths about alcohol consumption during pregnancy, I will be putting out a series of blog posts over the coming weeks.  In this first blog, I review FASD basics and talk about my personal connection to FASD. […]

What is FASD (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders)?

Alcohol Research

Accumulating evidence suggests that any level of alcohol consumption comes with risks to health. A prime example of this is research on the relationship between alcohol and cancer. Studies suggest that even light to moderate amounts of alcohol may increase risk of certain types of cancers.   Alcohol is a carcinogen, or a substance that […]

Does Alcohol Cause Cancer?

alcohol cancer

Alcohol Research

How the alcohol industry impacts the environment Most of us are aware of the negative effects that alcohol can have on health – but what about the environment? Every step from producing alcohol to storing it on shelves has an environmental impact.  Production of ingredients essential to making different types of alcohol, such as barley […]

17 Tips for Making Sustainable Mocktails

ecofriendly mocktail

Alcohol-Free Living

The pandemic made quite an impact on people’s lives, including their drinking habits. Another study confirms that American’s drinking habits worsened over the pandemic and turns out, women were hit especially hard. With crowds reuniting, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate our relationship with alcohol this summer. Let us explain why a sober summer is worth […]

5 Reasons To Try a Sober Summer This Year

sober summer

Alcohol-Free Living

We’ve found that having a drink in hand that looks and tastes like an alcoholic beverage is super helpful for staying on track and not feeling like you are missing out. Alcohol-free beers are a great option if they are available and you enjoy them. But, ordering mocktails out can be a challenge, especially if […]

11 Tips for Ordering Healthy Mocktails at a Bar

Alcohol-Free Living

On May 8, 2021, I had the privilege of marrying my best friend. Again.  Like many couples last year, we had to postpone our “big” wedding. We still got legally married in 2020 with our immediate families present over zoom. This year, we were able to safely celebrate our marriage on our one-year anniversary with […]

My Experience as a Sober Curious Bride

Alcohol-Free Living

We are thrilled to announce the official release of Mocktail Party, which contains 75 plant-based non-alcohol recipes for every occasion! Mocktail Party makes the perfect book for anyone looking to cut back on alcohol, who identifies as “sober curious,” or who doesn’t drink. Let’s find out what makes this mocktail book so incredibly unique.    […]

Mocktail Party: 75 Plant-Based, Non-Alcoholic Recipes for Every Occasion

Mocktail Party

Alcohol-Free Living

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