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September is Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Awareness Month. To help raise awareness on this important topic and address myths about alcohol consumption during pregnancy, I will be putting out a series of blog posts over the coming weeks.  In this first blog, I review FASD basics and talk about my personal connection to FASD. […]

What is FASD (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders)?

Alcohol Research

Accumulating evidence suggests that any level of alcohol consumption comes with risks to health. A prime example of this is research on the relationship between alcohol and cancer. Studies suggest that even light to moderate amounts of alcohol may increase risk of certain types of cancers.   Alcohol is a carcinogen, or a substance that […]

Does Alcohol Cause Cancer?

alcohol cancer

Alcohol Research

We’ve all heard about the purported benefits of drinking red wine for heart health. But, is red wine really good for heart health? No organization recommends drinking red wine over other types of alcohol, including the American Heart Association. The evidence supporting the claim that red wine is heart-healthy is much less clear-cut than you […]

Is Red Wine Good for Heart Health?

is red wine good for you

Alcohol Research

Evidence suggests that taking even a short break from alcohol may be beneficial for health and for overall well-being. Thinking about taking a break from alcohol? You’re not alone. Alcohol-free challenges, like Dry January and Sober October, are gaining popularity in the U.S. and abroad [1]. According to a survey of U.S. adults, almost one-quarter […]

Surprising Health Benefits of Alcohol-Free Challenges, like Dry January

health benefits of abstaining from alcohol

Alcohol Research

April is Alcohol Awareness Month. Alcohol abuse is a major public health issue, and there is evidence to suggest that the global pandemic is exacerbating this problem.    How much are Americans drinking? Alcohol use is prevalent in the U.S. The 2019 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) revealed that the majority of U.S. […]

How Much Alcohol is Too Much? And How It Can Impact Your Health

too much alcohol

Alcohol Research

Can alcohol fit into a healthy lifestyle? Emerging evidence suggests that less alcohol is better. But there are a number of factors to consider when deciding whether alcohol should have a place in your lifestyle.   What are the recommendations for alcohol consumption? The U.S Dietary Guidelines recommend that individuals who choose to drink limit […]

Can Alcohol Fit Into a Healthy Lifestyle? Here’s What The Research Shows

can alcohol fit into healthy lifestyle

Alcohol Research

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