Drinking for Two: Nutritious Mocktails for the Mom-to-Be

Selected as one of Food Network's "Best Healthy Cookbooks of 2019" and as a "favorite must-read" by The Bump, Drinking for Two is perfect for pregnant women, the health conscious new mom, or any woman just trying to stay healthy.

Our 45+ non-alcoholic drink recipes were crafted with purpose to maximize flavor, minimize added sugars, and target common pregnancy symptoms.

Drinking for Two provides delicious and nutritious alternatives to plain old seltzer water. Quick-to-prepare recipes feature plant-based and everyday ingredients that are healthy for mom and baby, accompanied by notes to highlight the benefits of recipes with respect to common pregnancy symptoms, like nausea and swelling.

Whether for fun at a party or to put up your feet and relax at home, Drinking for Two has the perfect mocktail recipe. A perfect gift for moms-to-be or anyone looking to cut back on alcohol!

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 45+ non-alcoholic, plant-based drink recipes that are high in nutrients and low in added sugar

• A nutrition primer and list of reliable sources for pregnancy

• A basic bartending guide with simple drink-making tools and techniques

Suggestions for using leftover ingredients so nothing goes to waste!

What's in the book?

"mocktail anyone?"

"Each recipe is equally as delicious as it is nutrient-packed, meaning you can enjoy them through pregnancy, breastfeeding and beyond. Plus, some recipes might even help combat nausea (score!). Mocktail, anyone?"

The Bump

"Not only do the authors provide credible, research based information..."

"As a registered dietitian nutritionist and author in fertility nutrition, it excites me to see a book like this hitting the shelves! Not only do the authors provide credible, research based information to guide their recommendations, but also offer incredible recipes (with nutrition tips) to inspire readers to take hold (and enjoy) their journey to (and through) pregnancy!" - Elizabeth Shaw MS RDN CLT CPT, Author of Fertility Foods Cookbook and Founder of ShawSimpleSwaps.com, a website and support community for maternal health

"where was this book when i was pregnant?!"

"Diana and Kerry have created a fun, useful and absolutely stunning collection of mocktail recipes. In Drinking for Two, they combine the basic steps for mixology with reliable, evidence-based nutrition advice for moms to be. I love the creative uses for ingredients, clever names for drinks and how they manage to highlight the attributes of classic cocktails, without the alcohol. Where was this book when I was pregnant?!" - Dana Angelo White, MS, RD, ATC cookbook author, culinary nutrition expert and mom of 3

"kerry and diana's clever concoctions are delicious, nutritious, and good to the last drop!" 

"Drinking for Two is much more than the title implies. Yes, this book is filled with recipes and gorgeous photos for mouth-watering mocktails, but it also serves up easy-to-understand advice about how to have a healthy pregnancy. Kerry and Diana's clever concoctions are delicious, nutritious, and good to the last drop!" - Elizabeth Ward, MS, RDN, Author Expect the Best, Your Guide to Healthy Eating Before, During, and After Pregnancy

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