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By swapping even a few of your boozy drinks for mocktails, you are making a choice that may benefit your health! But, not all alcohol-free drinks are created equal. When it comes to mocktails, there are two main components to be mindful of: added sugar and juice.   What is added sugar, and how much […]

Crafting Healthy Mocktails: Tips from the Sober Dietitians

Healthy Mocktail

Alcohol-Free Living

Thinking about cutting back on drinking but don’t want to eliminate alcohol completely? Here are seven ways to cut back on booze without it affecting your social life! But first, here’s some food for thought. You’re probably drinking more than you realize. It’s so easy to consume more alcohol than we realize and in excess […]

7 Tips on How To Cut Back on Booze and Still Have Fun

cut back on booze

Alcohol-Free Living

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