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7 Tips on How To Cut Back on Booze and Still Have Fun

April 4, 2021

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cut back on booze

Thinking about cutting back on drinking but don’t want to eliminate alcohol completely? Here are seven ways to cut back on booze without it affecting your social life!

But first, here's some food for thought. You’re probably drinking more than you realize. It's so easy to consume more alcohol than we realize and in excess of the recommendations from health experts. In the U.S., moderate drinking is defined as 2 standard drinks per day for men, and one standard drink per day for women. A standard drink is about 12 ounces of beer (5% alcohol by volume, or ABV), 5 ounces of wine (12% ABV), or 1.5 ounces of liquor (40% ABV). 

cut back on booze

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1. Keep your portions in check

Invest in smaller glassware, or add extra ice or garnish to a drink to fill your glass more.

If you are a cocktail drinker

  • Measure your liquor using a shot glass or jigger (and measure your shot glass to see how many ounces it holds, as this can vary). 
  • Choose low ABV cocktails, such as spritzes and champagne cocktails. These are becoming very trendy.

If you are a wine drinker

  • Measure a serving of wine and compare it to the size of your glass (you can eyeball the portion going forward). 
  • There are about five servings per standard bottle. 
  • Make a wine spritzer to fill your glass more.

If you are a beer drinker

  • Be mindful of the ABV. Some beers have more than 10% ABV!


2. Try something new

Have fun exploring all of the amazing alcohol-free products and recipe books that are available! From beers to mixers to non-alcoholic liquors, there is something for everyone.


3. Drink mindfully

Practice mindful drinking, sip slowly, and actually enjoy your drink. Notice the flavors, the color, the fragrance. If you catch yourself drinking mindlessly or sucking down a drink because you don’t love the taste, maybe it is time for a change! Observe how alcohol makes you feel while you’re drinking and the next day, both physically and mentally. 


4. Give it some thought

Dig deep and think about what you’re hoping to gain by drinking less alcohol. Set small, achievable goals, and set yourself up for success by having alternatives on hand and finding support. 


5. Alternate your drinks

Alternate your drinks with water, a non-alcoholic beverage, or a mocktail. For healthy mocktail recipes, grab our book Mocktail Party!  

cut back on booze


6. Set boundaries 

If you think this would be helpful for you and not feel too restrictive. For example, you might set a limit on how much money you will spend on alcohol a month, or you can set an intention to not drink when you are feeling bored or upset.


7. Take a break

Even if it is just for a night. Take stock of how you feel the next day: do you notice any changes in your energy level or mental clarity, for example? 


Be sure to check out our favorite products, as well as, our recipe books if you are looking for some AF inspo!

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